The 12 th international Conference on Ubi-Media Computing Prof. Dr. Ir. Untung Rahardja, M.T.I., MM Bali-Indonesia

Opinion Mining On E-Commerce Data Using Sentiment Analysis And  K-Meloid Clustering

1st Untung Rahardja     

2nd Taqwa Hariguna

 3rd Wiga Maulana Baihaqi
Universitas Raharja          STMIK Amikom  Purwokerto STMIK Amikom  Purwokerto
Dept. Information System  Dept. Information System  Dept. Information System   
Tangerang, Indonesia Puwokerto, Indonesia Puwokerto, Indonesia


Prof. Dr. Ir. Untung Rahardja, M.T.I., MM sambutan sebagai tuan rumah.

lanjut dengan presentasi jurnal ilmiah

This study aimed to analyze sentiment opinions to find out the opinions of users on an-commerce Web. The method used was through analyzing text reviews obtained from customers on e-commerce website. The algorithm used was k-medoid clustering.

Nowadays, the development of web technology is increases rapidly. the internet becomes a very important source of information for many people. This progress has resulted in an increase in the use of e-commerce. Many people tend to make goods purchases transactions online. In this context, reviews from previous buyers greatly influence the decisions that will be made by be buyer. In general, the experience felt by previous customers tends to be shared in the comments column on the website, the feelings or emotions will be revealed to the product the buy. From the results of customer reviews can greatly help new buyers to choose the products they want. This is caused by the opinions of others people are important things that can influence their decisions the from computation,
sentiments, emotions in the from of text.

Peserta nya ada dari 20 negara dan Peserta nya sebagian besar dari luar negeri.
Yg dari dalam negeri ada UPH, Binus, dan ada beberapa lagi.

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  1. Eka Purnama Harahap
    Eka Purnama Harahap says:

    Proud of you PaUR telah menjadi speaker di acara international conference ubi media 2019 yg notabene banyak dari negara negara asing yg ikut partisipasi wowww.
    Dan jg bangga karena Universitas Raharja bisa menjadi tuan rumah acara tsb. Keren keren. Pribadi Raharja Berkaryalah 🤗🤗

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